Making Memories

February 08, 2018

Back in January we were playing in the forest area after school.  It was before the “Beast from the East” but still pretty chilly.  Warm coats and wellies at the ready we headed out.  My colleague was helping some children create a rope swing; there were footballers, climbers and diggers at play too.


This little girl was making “mud potions” and I was thrown back to my own mud creations.  A remembered whiff of stale, cool muddy water and the satisfaction of a really good mud pie which holds its own on a flat surface.  I look at this picture and understand the joy she is feeling.


Next time you are watching your children play, try to remember your own experiences.  Get lost in how it felt, what you learned and what your life would be like without it.  Play is intrinsic, it’s essential for good mental health and it’s fun.


Happy playing.

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