Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos

Turkey Tacos

Allergens: milk, wheat


Ingredients (to serve 10 children)

750g lean turkey breast mince or micoprotein alternative

1 onion, finely chopped

2 tbsps tomato puree

100ml passatta

1 beef stock cube (may contain milk, wheat)

1 tbsps mixed herbs

20 tortilla wraps (may contain wheat) or taco shells

2 cucumbers

1 pepper

10 salad tomatoes

200g mature cheddar cheese (contains milk)



  1. Fry the turkey mince until brown, adding the chopped onion and continue to cook until soft
  2. Add to the slow cooker, with the tomato puree, passatta, stock, herbs.  Cook on low for 5-6 hours
  3. Remove the lid and ensure that the mixture is fairly dry, a sauce will make the wraps soggy
  4. Serve with mixed salad and grated cheese


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