Beef Burritos

Beef Burritos

Beef Burritos

Allergens: wheat, milk


Ingredients (to serve 10 children)

750g lean beef mince

1 onion

1 beef stock cube (may contain milk, wheat)

2 tbsps tomato puree

20 tortilla wraps (may contain wheat)

2 cucumber

1 pepper

10 salad tomatoes

200g mature cheddar cheese (contains milk)



  • Hand washing bowl
  • 4 aprons, hairbands and blue plasters
  • Clean tea towel and kitchen roll
  • Table spray (water with a small drop of washing up liquid)
  • 4 chopping boards
  • 1 small sharp knife
  • 2 serrated knife
  • 8 small serving bowls
  • 2 cheese graters
  • Electric wok or pan
  • Wooden spoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Plates, knives and forks



  1. Risk assessment due to knife use 1 adult:4 children maximum
  2. Assemble all ingredients, equipment and familiarise yourself with the methods prior to the children’s arrival
  3. Health and safety checks include tying long hair back, washing hands, putting on an apron and covering any cuts on hands with a blue plaster
  4. Children will be taking turns to ensure adequate adult supervision at all times
  5. They can start by cleaning the table, collecting equipment and ingredients as asked and storing used items in a washing up bowl
  6. Demonstrate the “bridge method” of cutting by chopping the onion with your own sharp knife
  7. The children can then take turns cutting the cucumber, tomato and pepper
  8. Children can then work together in grating the cheese
  9. Children can then watch the adult fry the mince until brown, adding the chopped onion, stock cube, tomato puree and a small amount of water to cook the beef mixture for 20 minutes without burning the pan or creating a sauce.  Decant into serving bowls and place on the tables for children to take turns making their own plate of food
  10. The children will enjoy cleaning tables, laying plates and cutlery, setting out serving bowls of salad, cheese and plates of tortilla wraps



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