Baked Potato

Baked Potato

Baked Potato

Allergens: fish, egg, milk

Ingredients (to serve 8 children)

1.6kg or 8 baking potatoes

415g or 1 tin baked beans, reduced salt & sugar

160g or 1 tin tuna in water, drained (contains fish)

80g mayonnaise, reduced fat (optional, contains egg)

160g mature cheddar cheese, reduced fat, grated (contains milk)

2 cucumber

8 salad tomatoes

2 orange peppers

or any other salad items as preferred.



  1. Pierce the skin of the potatoes with a knife or fork
  2. Place on a baking tray and bake at 180ºC for 1 hour
  3. If cooking more than 8 potatoes, add 20ºC and 15 minutes cooking time per additional 8
  4. Drain the tuna and mix well with the mayonnaise (optional)
  5. Heat the baked beans according to instructions
  6. Prepare the salad as preferred

Mayonnaise should be served as a portion of 10g (1 teaspoon) if requested.  This is to limit the fat content of the meal and to meet the school food standards.

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